Gravity and Planetary Motion

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What would happen if there was no gravitational force between the Earth and the Moon?

The Moon would move away from the Earth

What force is responsible for keeping the planets in orbit around the sun?

Gravitational force

Why do objects fall towards the Earth when they are dropped?

Gravitational force from the Earth

Which factor determines the magnitude of gravitational force between two objects?

Distance between the objects and their masses

Which concept explains why an object in orbit around the Earth experiences apparent weightlessness?

Centripetal force balances gravitational force

What happens to the gravitational force between two objects if the distance between them is doubled?

It becomes one-fourth of the original force

Objects with more ______ have a greater gravitational force


Gravitational force is stronger when objects are closer together due to the inverse square law of ______


The acceleration due to gravity on Earth's surface is approximately 9.8 meters per second squared, denoted by the symbol ______


Test your knowledge about the force of gravity and its effects on planetary motion. Explore questions about the nature of gravitational force and its impact on celestial bodies.

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