Grammar Translation Method

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What is the primary focus of the grammar-translation method?

Reading and writing

How are grammar rules taught in the grammar-translation method?

Deductively, through presentation and study of rules

What is a major disadvantage of the grammar-translation method?

It does not promote communicative abilities

What is the natural or direct method a reaction to?

The grammar-translation method

How do learners infer grammatical rules in the natural or direct method?

By understanding and using the language

What is the primary focus of the initial stage of the language teaching method?

Pronunciation and speaking

What is the main principle of the Audiolingual Method?

FL learning = a process of Mechanical Habit Formation

What is the main characteristic of the Total Physical Response approach?

The teacher gives oral commands that involve a physical response

What is the role of the teacher in the Silent Way approach?

The teacher doesn't say anything, but points to individual letters

What is the advantage of the classroom instruction being conducted exclusively in the target language?

It enhances the students' oral communication skills

Learn about the traditional approach to teaching languages, involving explicit study of grammatical rules and vocabulary, with a focus on reading and writing. Discover the principal characteristics of this method and its limitations.

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