Grade 7 Family and Relationships Quiz
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Grade 7 Family and Relationships Quiz

Test your knowledge of family dynamics, roles, and management in this quiz designed for grade 7 students. Covers topics such as types of families, family functions, and decision-making.

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In a nuclear family, grandparents and other relatives are also considered part of the family.


Family management involves allocating resources and time to accomplish family goals.


The role of the father figure in a family is limited to providing financial support.


Decision making in a family typically involves only the parents.

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Family functions include socialization, economic, recreational, and educational.

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Study Notes

Types of Families

  • Nuclear Family: A family consisting of two parents and their dependent children.
  • Extended Family: A family that includes relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
  • Single-Parent Family: A family with one parent and their dependent children.
  • Blended Family: A family formed by the remarriage of a parent and their new spouse, including their children from previous relationships.
  • Adoptive Family: A family formed by the adoption of a child or children.

Functions of the Family

  • Basic Needs: Providing food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare for family members.
  • Emotional Support: Offering love, comfort, and emotional stability to family members.
  • Socialization: Teaching children values, norms, and social skills to interact with others.
  • Protection: Providing a safe and secure environment for family members.
  • Economic Support: Managing family resources and finances to ensure a stable standard of living.

Roles of the Family

  • Father/Male Parent: Usually the primary breadwinner and provider of financial support.
  • Mother/Female Parent: Usually the primary caregiver and provider of emotional support.
  • Children: Depend on parents for care, support, and guidance.
  • Grandparents: Often provide additional emotional support, guidance, and childcare.

Family Management

  • Aspects of Management:
    • Financial Management: Managing family finances and resources.
    • Time Management: Coordinating family schedules and activities.
    • Household Management: Maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the home.
  • Decision Making: The process of making choices and solving problems within the family.

Decision Making

  • Types of Decision Making:
    • Authoritarian: One person makes decisions for the family.
    • Democratic: Family members have equal input and votes in decision-making.
    • Consensus: Family members reach a mutual agreement on decisions.
  • Effective Decision Making: Involves communication, compromise, and considering the needs and opinions of all family members.

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