Grade 10 Mathematics Textbook Care Tips

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Which individual is credited as the Illustrator of the mathematics textbook?

Bahiru Chane Tamiru (MSc)

Who is listed as the Content Editor of the mathematics textbook?

Mohammed Yiha Dawud (PhD)

Who is mentioned as an Evaluator for the mathematics textbook?

Dawit Ayalneh Tebkew (MSc)

Which individual is recognized as the Curriculum Editor of the mathematics textbook?

Akalu Chaka Mekuria (MA)

Who provides the Welcoming Message to Students in the textbook?


What are the substances initially involved in a chemical reaction called?

Reactants or reagents

What do chemical reactions usually yield?

One or more products

What is nuclear chemistry a sub-discipline of?


How are chemical reactions usually characterized?

By a chemical change

What do chemical equations symbolically present?

The starting materials, end products, and sometimes intermediate products and reaction conditions

Study Notes

Taking Care of Your Mathematics Textbook

  • This textbook is the property of your school, so it's essential to take good care of it.
  • To protect the book, cover it with materials such as plastic, old newspapers, or magazines.
  • Always store the book in a clean, dry place to prevent damage.
  • Ensure your hands are clean before handling the book to avoid staining or damaging it.
  • Refrain from writing on the cover or inside pages to keep the book in good condition.
  • Use a bookmark made of paper or cardboard to mark your place instead of folding or tearing pages.
  • If you accidentally tear a page, repair it with paste or tape to prevent further damage.
  • Pack the book carefully in your school bag to avoid scratching or crushing it.
  • Handle the book gently when passing it to someone else to prevent accidents.
  • When opening a new book, place it on its back and open only a few pages at a time to prevent straining the binding.
  • Press lightly along the bound edge as you turn the pages to keep the cover in good condition.

Learn how to take care of your Grade 10 Mathematics textbook with these 10 helpful tips, including covering the book with protective material and keeping it in a clean and dry place. This quiz provides essential guidelines for maintaining the condition of your textbook.

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