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What is the enzymatic activity of the cytosolic part of the insulin receptor?

Tyrosine kinase activity

Which type of receptors are usually connected by a single transmembrane domain to link their ligand-binding extracellular domain with the cytosolic enzymatic domain?

Tyrosine kinase receptors

In receptor enzymes that are kinases or bind kinases, where is the ligand-binding domain usually located?

Extracellular space

What is the primary result of auto(cross)phosphorylation of tyrosine residues in the C-termini of the insulin receptor subunits?

Enhancement of tyrosine kinase activity

Which disease condition is associated with LH receptor malfunction?

Precocious puberty

Where is the insulin binding site located on the insulin receptor?

Extracellular domain

What type of receptors are found as dimers bound to HREs in the absence of ligand?

Nuclear receptors

Which type of receptors translocate to the nucleus upon binding of the ligand?

Cytosolic receptors

What type of receptors are complexed with inhibitor proteins like HSP family when no hormone is bound?

Cytosolic receptors

Which type of receptors dissociate from proteins and translocate to the nucleus upon hormone binding?

Cytosolic receptors

What type of receptors are fully synthesized inside the same cell where receptor activation occurs?

Nuclear receptors

Which type of receptors bind HREs in the nucleus upon ligand activation?

Nuclear receptors

What type of receptors are insulin receptors?

Receptor enzymes

Which of the following is NOT a second messenger involved in signal transduction?


What is the characteristic feature of the intracellular receptors for lipid-soluble hormones?

They are transcription activators

Which molecules initiate the expression of growth-promoting genes in response to Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) signaling?

Hormone response elements (HRE)

Which category of signaling mechanisms involves receptors that activate enzymes through G-proteins?

Receptor enzymes that are Kinases or bind Kinases

Test your knowledge on the signal transduction pathways involving G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in various systems like glands, smooth muscle, CNS, photoreceptors, and olfactory/gustatory receptors. This quiz covers key concepts such as IP3, DAG cascade, cAMP production, and their role in different physiological and disease conditions.

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