Going Places Chapter 12 Main Topics Quiz

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What is the main topic of chapter 12?

Cultural experiences in different countries

Which concept is NOT discussed in chapter 12?

Modern transportation technologies

In chapter 12, what is emphasized as a key aspect of immersing in a new culture?

Learning the native language and customs

What is the younger brother's profession?

Movie producer

What is the older brother's profession?

Football player

What does the family do as a business?

Secret placement business

Who disapproves of the younger brother's antics?


What color of dresses does the mother wear?


What type of dish does Shiva Sena's backyard crew make?


What does the family own in terms of an online platform?

.com website

What do the brothers have in terms of online presence?

YouTube channels

What should viewers do if the videos do not load properly?

Refresh the page or subscribe to the channel

Test your knowledge of the main topics covered in Chapter 12 of 'Going Places'. Find out which concept is not discussed in the chapter and explore the key aspects emphasized for immersing in a new culture.

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