Globalization as a Process, Condition, and Ideology

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What are some disciplines included in the study of globalization from social science and humanities?

Philosophy & Sociology

Which historical event is considered as evidence of globalization during the Middle Ages?

The Silk Road connecting China and Europe

What was the Perry Expedition of the United States and Japan in 1853 related to?

Military ties

What term is used to describe globalization as a multidimensional set of social processes?


Which trade route is highlighted as one of the earliest forms of Asia-Pacific global trade?

Galleon Trade

From which period did the debate for neoliberal globalization originate?


Which river basin is mentioned in relation to the globalization process?

Mekong Delta River basin

What crucial factor is highlighted as shaping the 'contemporary' world through globalization?


What is a key conclusion drawn in the article 'The Mekong Delta in Vietnam and Cambodia Is Subsiding and in Need of Remediation'?

The Mekong Delta is subsiding and requires remedial action

Where does globalization require intensifying interdependencies and exchanges according to the text?

From local to regional

Which historical events are mentioned in relation to the origins of neoliberal globalization?

French Revolution and Industrial Revolution

Who is known as the father of modern day economics?

Adam Smith

Which event involved the 9/11 attacks on the US World Trade Center?

Global war on terror

According to Thomas Hobbes, what is a man's state of nature like?

Nasty, brutish, and short

What theory did Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes advocate for?

Absolute monarchy

According to Adam Smith, what is the product of wealth?


Which individual led the Al-Qaeda group in the 9/11 attacks?

Osama Bin Laden

What type of cases were filed against Jay Rence Quilario and 12 other cult members of the Socorro Cult?

Qualified Trafficking in Persons, Facilitation of Child Marriage, Solemnization of Child Marriage, Child Abuse

Which committee pushed for the Senate Probe regarding the investigation and arrest of the Socorro Cult?

Senate Committee on Women and Children

What does Globalization as a condition primarily provide an understanding of?

Globality as a social condition

Which organization conducted the investigation against the Socorro Cult members?


Which individual was known as 'Senyor Agila' within the Socorro Cult?

Jay Rence Quilario

What are some examples of social conditions mentioned in relation to globalization in the text?

Economic, political, environment

Explore the concept of globalization as a process, condition, and ideology through the lens of contemporary world dynamics and challenges. The content is based on the original ideas presented in 'Transcendence: Understanding Contemporary Global Dynamics, Issues, and Challenges' by Coronacion, D. & Calilung, F. (2023).

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