Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Quiz

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What is the current level of CO2 in the atmosphere approximately?

424 ppm

What is the approximate average temperature of the Earth at present?


How does the current CO2 level compare to the level approximately 10 million years ago?

It is roughly the same

Which of the following is NOT listed as a major impact of climate change for India?

Significant decrease in agricultural yield

According to the information provided, what percentage of the global greenhouse gas emissions is contributed by China?


Which of the following groups is listed as being extremely climate vulnerable in India?

Rural, tribal, and urban poor Indians

What is the unit of measurement for carbon footprint?

Tons of CO2 equivalent

How does the frequency of severe heat waves compare between the present and the pre-industrial era?

One severe heat wave every 100 years vs. one every 10 years

According to the IPCC (2021) data, what is the projected annual decline in fisheries catch due to climate change?

3 million tons

Test your knowledge about global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, industrialization with fossil energy, and the impact on Earth's atmosphere and biological cycles. Explore topics such as coal, petroleum, geological cycles, and the current CO2 levels. Learn how these factors relate to historical CO2 levels and the potential consequences for the planet.

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