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What is the purpose of community health profiling?

To identify geographical strengths and weaknesses of a specific community

How can GIS benefit health informatics research?

By providing better access to geographical health data

What can GIS help researchers do in environmental health studies?

Assess environmental risks

How can GIS benefit health services' costs?

By planning amenities more efficiently

What is a key advantage of GIS in health informatics research?

More efficient data collection

How does community health profiling help in decision-making about health services?

By identifying strengths and weaknesses of communities

What is a primary reason for the need to increase surveying in health studies?

To improve the quality of reporting in health studies

What is one area where GIS tools are identified as needing improvement?

Mapping geographical locations of health facilities

How can GIS tools impact the utilization of health care services?

Enhance the understanding of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics

What type of behaviors were addressed through questionnaires using GIS in the study of health geography?

Health prevention behaviors

What is the primary goal of GIS in health studies according to the text?

To enhance the utilization of health care services

Why is significant work still needed to improve GIS in the study of health geography?

To better understand the impact of geographic and spatial factors on health care utilization

What is the main advantage of using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in research?

Increased efficiency and time management

Which type of data is NOT mentioned as being utilized in the study of cardiovascular drug-prescribing patterns in Taiwan?

Public health informatics data

What was the focus of the study conducted by Leslie, Butterworth, and Edwards in 2006?

Measuring community walkability using GIS data

How does the text suggest GIS contributes to understanding geographical factors' influence on population health?

By allowing for greater efficiency in research

Which publication discusses the ethical issues related to sharing geographic information in system design?

Journal of Biomedical Informatics 2003;35:178–85

In which year was 'The case for small area microdata' published?


How many citizens in a southwest area of Japan were predicted to not receive proper hospital care based on GIS assessment?

Over 9000

What was the purpose of developing the Patient Access Area Model through GIS?

To evaluate medical supply and demand

What is essential for making gains in health informatics when using GIS according to the text?

Applying GIS through research

What needs to occur to ensure better geographical health maps are used?

Improvements in quantity and quality of data input

In what field was the use of GIS discussed by Shaw and McGuire?

Health informatics research

What is the main focus of GIS research in health geography according to the text?

Identifying populations at risk based on location

What was the focus of Rytkonen's work as mentioned in the text?

GIS and spatial analysis in epidemiology

Which publication discusses the use of GIS in identifying outcome disparities in patients with type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia?

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to access outcome disparities in patients with type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia

What is the TEDMED 2008 talk by Bill Davenhall mainly about?

How an individual's health is influenced by their location

In which publication was a cancer case study used to investigate environmental health using GIS?

Polish Journal of Environmental Studies

What type of research studies are categorized in the framework by Lyseen et al.?

Health related geographical information systems (GIS) studies

Which author discussed the method for identifying populations at risk based on high background radon levels?

Kohli S.

Test your knowledge on the use of geographical information systems (GISs) in health informatics research. Explore how GIS was utilized to evaluate medical supply and demand for hospitals and plan interventions for improved healthcare access.

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