Germanic Peoples and Languages

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Which region was once believed to be the homeland of the Indo-Europeans, but has serious weaknesses in terms of evidence from comparative philology?


Where did the Mitanni, a non-Indo-European speaking people, live around 1500 BC?

Upper Euphrates

Which Indo-European branch did the Aryas belong to?


Which archaeological culture appeared in northern Italy around 1500 BC?

Italic-speaking peoples

Where did the Celtic-speaking peoples first become visible?

Region of the Alps

Where were the Germanic-speaking peoples mainly living during the first century BC?

East of the Rhine in parts of what are now Germany and the Netherlands

What is the primary topic of the text provided?

Indo-European Languages

When did our earliest records of Germanic languages come in the form of inscriptions?

Mainly from the fourth century AD onwards

Why was the Scandinavian theory of being the Indo-European homeland problematic?

All of the above

Which area has been suggested as the Indo-European homeland along with claims for Scandinavia, the Danube valley, and Anatolia?

Hungarian plain

What language was in use in Crete and on the Greek mainland by 1400 BC?

Mycenean Greek

Which Indo-European-speaking groups have been known to have mother goddesses with Indo-European names, although not major ones?

Celtic and Germanic-speaking groups

What product, highly valued in the Baltic region, lacked an Indo-European name, weakening the theory that Scandinavia was the Indo-European homeland?


Where were Slavic-speaking groups living north of the Carpathians mainly situated?

Between the Vistula and the Dnieper

What is a significant source of evidence discussed in the text for determining the divergence of Indo-European languages?

The lexis of the languages themselves

When is it likely that the divergence of Indo-European languages began based on information presented in the text?

By 3000 BC at the latest

Where do we not have significant written records of Slavic languages before according to the text?

Central Middle Ages

Learn about the Germanic-speaking peoples as documented by Greek and Roman authors in the first century BC. Explore the earliest records of Germanic languages through inscriptions in the runic alphabet dating back to the fourth century AD.

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