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What does the speaker have before going to the university?

Breakfast with butter and cheese

Where does the speaker's friend work?

In a clinic

What language does the speaker use for lectures?


What topic is discussed in the text?

Going and coming

What tense is used when the speaker talks about going to the university?

Present tense

Study Notes

Verb Conjugations in Georgian

  • The verb "to wake up" in Georgian is "ვიღვიძებ" (vighvidzeb)
  • The verb "to get up" in Georgian is "ვდგები" (vdgebi)
  • The verb "to write" in Georgian is "ვწერ" (vtser)
  • The verb "to go to sleep" in Georgian is "ვიძინებ" (vidzineb)
  • The verb "to read" in Georgian is "ვკითხულობ" (vkitkhulob)
  • The verb "to eat" in Georgian is "ვჭამ" (vcham)
  • The verb "to do" in Georgian is "ვაკეთებ" (vaketeb)
  • The verb "to drink" in Georgian is "ვსვამ" (vsvam)
  • The verb "to work" in Georgian is "ვმუშაობ" (vmushaob)
  • The verb "to wash" in Georgian is "ვიბან" (viban)
  • The verb "to get dressed" in Georgian is "ვიცვამ" (vitsvam)

Daily Routine in Georgian

  • The phrase "what do I do every day" in Georgian is "რას ვაკეთებ ყოველ დღე" (ras vak'eteb q'ovel dghe)
  • The daily routine in the morning includes:
    • Waking up early (დილას ადრე ვიღვიძებ)
    • Getting up (ვდგები)
    • Washing one's mouth (ვიბან პირს)
    • Taking a shower (ვიღებ შხაპს)
    • Brushing teeth (ვიხეხავ კბილებს)
    • Brushing hair (ვივარცხნი თმას)
    • Getting dressed (ვიცვამ ტანსაცმელს და ფეხსაცმელს)

Test your knowledge of Georgian verbs with this quiz on the topic of "zmnebi" (verbs). Practice conjugating and using verbs in context with translations for phrases like "I wake up" and "I am learning." Perfect for learners of the Georgian language.

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