George Eliot's Novels: The Mill on the Floss and Silas Marner

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What was the result of the 1832 Act in England?

Gave representation to cities and extended voting rights to certain groups

Which novelist was George Eliot heavily influenced by?

Sir Walter Scott

What sets George Eliot's novels apart from those of Dickens and Thackeray?

Their focus on rural life

What was George Eliot's view of the Gospels?

As 'histories consisting of mingled truth and fiction'

What was the occupation of the protagonist in George Eliot's novel 'Adam Bede'?

A carpenter

What is the consequence of Hetty Sorrel's actions in 'Adam Bede'?

She is arrested and put on trial for infanticide

Who was George Eliot's literary rival during her time?

Anthony Trollope

What was George Eliot's role in the Westminster Review journal?

Writer and editor

What was the focus of George Eliot's intellectual and moral seriousness in her novels?

Characters moved by deep spiritual yearnings

What was the period in which George Eliot's novel 'Adam Bede' is set?

The early 19th century

Test your knowledge of George Eliot's classic novels, including The Mill on the Floss, which explores the complex relationship between Tom and Maggie Tulliver, and Silas Marner, a story of redemption and love.

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