Geological History Quiz: Ortelius to Hutton

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Who speculated that South America and Africa were once joined?

Abraham Ortelius

Which scientist published the theory that the Earth is constantly transformed through the rock cycle?

James Hutton

Who is considered the 'Father of Seismology'?

Robert Mallet

Which term was coined to represent waves of energy produced during earthquakes?


Who noticed similarities in plant fossils between Europe and America?

Antonio Snider Pelligrini

What evidence did Europeans see in 1678 that helped estimate the age of the Earth?

Niagara Falls

Who is credited with building the foundations of Uniformitarianism in geology?

James Hutton

What did Robert Mallet try to simulate by detonating explosives on a beach?


Who theorized that continents were once connected based on plant fossil similarities between Europe and America?

Antonio Snider Pelligrini

Which scientist made significant contributions to understanding crustal movements and fault-generated earthquakes?

Robert Mallet

What did James Hutton propose about the operation of natural laws over time?

They have always operated the same way

Who coined the term 'epicentre' in relation to earthquakes?

Robert Mallet

Which scientist published a theory suggesting that South America and Africa were once connected?

Abraham Ortelius

What phenomenon did Robert Mallet suggest generates earthquakes?

Crustal movements/faults

What observation led Antonio Snider Pelligrini to deduce that continents were once connected?

Plant fossil similarities in Europe and America

Test your knowledge on key milestones in the geological history from the observations of Abraham Ortelius to the groundbreaking theories by James Hutton. Explore topics like continental drift, geological evidence, and the age of Earth.

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