Geologic Time Scale and Earth's History

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What is the largest time division in the geologic time scale?


What is the term for the ordering and analysis of the Earth's layers based on chronological dating techniques and relative positions with each other?


How old is the Earth, approximately?

4.6 billion years

What is a subdivision of an era in the geologic time scale?


What is the term for a subdivision of a period in the geologic time scale?


What is the term for a smaller unit of time within an epoch?


What percentage of the known landmass was formed during the Archaean Eon?


What was the first supercontinent to form on Earth?


What type of organisms were the first to live on the surface of the Earth?


During the Archaean Eon, what was the result of the cooling of the crust from the Iron Catastrophe?

The formation of shield rocks

What was the result of the dissolution and utility of carbon during the Archaean Eon?

The formation of the atmosphere

What eventually broke up and reformed into Ur, a relatively small supercontinent?


What is the name of the period that saw the first freshwater fish emerge?

Silurian Period

What type of rock was formed during the Silurian Period from mineral-rich silt or mud?


During which period did the first amphibians evolve?

Devonian Period

What was the dominant group of predators during the Silurian Period?


What is the name of the extinct plant that played a significant role in the colonization of land during the Silurian Period?


What is the name of the period that is often referred to as the Age of the Fish due to the significant diversification of fish species?

Devonian Period

What is the estimated age of the Tiktaalik genus from the Devonian Period?

375 Mya

What was the primary cause of the Late Devonian extinction?

Plant domination

What type of rocks dominated other rock deposits in the Carboniferous Period?


What was the significance of the development of amniotic eggs in the Carboniferous Period?

Enabled amphibians to go farther inland

What was the consequence of the cool global temperatures in the Carboniferous Period?

Collapse of rainforests

What is the name of the period characterized by the development of volcanic island arcs and sandstone?

Devonian Period

What event led to the acidification of oceans and a spike in global temperature during the Paleocene Epoch?

The asteroid impact during the late Cretaceous period

What is the name of the period that is subdivided into three epochs: Paleocene, Eocene, and Oligocene?

Paleogene Period

What type of mammals were most commonly recorded during the Paleocene Epoch?

Marsupials and placental mammals

What is the origin of the name 'Quaternary Period'?

It comes from the Latin word for 'of four each'

How many periods does the Cenozoic Era consist of?


What is the name of the epoch that is characterized by the death of the giant non-avian dinosaurs?

Paleocene Epoch

Explore the Geologic Time Scale, a stratigraphic history of the Earth, including relative dating, absolute dating, fossils, and its subdivisions into eons, eras, periods, and epochs.

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