Geography and Culture of Vietnam

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The capital city of Vietnam is ______.


The official currency of Azerbaijan is the ______ Manat.


The major airport in Cyprus is ______ International Airport.


The ______ bazaar is a popular tourist destination in Oman.


The ______ festival is a significant cultural event in Qatar.


The ______ Riyal is the official currency of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian

The ______ Citadel is a historic site in Lebanon.


The capital of Tajikistan is ______.


The ______ Shekel is the official currency of Israel.


The currency of China is the ______.

Chinese Yuan

The ______ Garden is a popular tourist destination in Israel.


The ______ Airport is the major airport in Turkey.


The festival of ______ is celebrated in Sri Lanka.


The major airport in Nepal is ______.

Tribhuvan International Airport

The national carrier of Japan is ______.

Japan Airlines

The prime cultural festival of Laos is ______.

Boun Khoun Khao

The currency of Indonesia is the ______.

Indonesian Rupiah

The historical site of ______ is a famous destination in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat

The main religion practiced in Bhutan is ______.


The flag carrier of Singapore is ______.

Singapore Airlines

Study Notes

Countries in Western Asia

  • Georgia:
    • Capital: Tbilisi
    • Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL)
    • Language: Georgian
    • Religion: Georgian Orthodox
    • Government: Unitary Parliamentary Republic
    • Destination: Narikala
    • Festival: Rtveli
    • Flag Carrier: Airzena
    • Major Airport: Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport
  • Armenia:
    • Capital: Yerevan
    • Currency: Armenian Dram (AMD)
    • Language: Armenian
    • Religion: Christianity
    • Government: Unitary Multiparty Republic
    • Destination: Noravank
    • Festival: Navasard
    • Flag Carrier: Fly Arna
    • Major Airport: Zvartnots International Airport
  • Azerbaijan:
    • Capital: Baku
    • Currency: Azerbaijani Manat (AZN)
    • Language: Azerbaijani
    • Religion: Muslim
    • Government: Republic
    • Destination: Icheri Sheher
    • Festival: Novruz Bayrami
    • Flag Carrier: Azerbaijan Airlines
    • Major Airport: Heydar Aliyev International Airport
  • Turkey:
    • Capital: Ankara
    • Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY)
    • Language: Turkish
    • Religion: Muslim
    • Government: Republican Parliamentary Democracy
    • Destination: Hagia Sophia
    • Festival: Cappadocia Balloon Festival
    • Flag Carrier: Turkish Airlines
    • Major Airport: Atatürk International Airport ...

(Let me know if you want me to continue with the rest of the regions)

This quiz covers the geography and cultural aspects of Vietnam, including its capital city, language, religion, and more.

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