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What is the definition of spatial data?

Data representing geographical features such as points, lines, or polygons on a map

Which type of data describes the characteristics associated with geographical features on a map?


What type of data includes the name of a road, its width, and type?


What type of data has coordinates for all its corners and includes information about the type of land exploitation, number of inhabitants, and type of crops grown?

Spatial data

Which method aims to calculate the levels of points, distances between them, and extract coordinates using the Total Station device?

Spatial data sources

What does Aerial photography involve?

Photographing the Earth’s surface through a regular camera installed in an aircraft

What type of images do Satellite imagery refer to?

High-resolution images crafted from various sensors on imaging satellites

What does the Global Positioning System (GPS) provide information about?

Location and time in all weather conditions anywhere on or near the Earth

Which method of representing data involves giving each position a geometric symbol?

Point maps

What do isopleth maps represent?

Temperature and pressure

Which method of obtaining metadata sources involves conducting personal interviews or questionnaires?

Dealing directly with the phenomenon

What are the two famous types of Satellite images mentioned in the text?

Landsat and Sentinel

Test your knowledge of geographic data types, sources, and methods of representation with this quiz. Explore definitions of spatial data, metadata, spatial data sources, and metadata sources. Learn about different methods of representing data, such as maps, and enhance your understanding of geographical data.

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