Genetics and Inheritance Patterns

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What is the term used to describe an individual who is heterozygous for a particular trait?


What type of inheritance pattern involves the transmission of a trait linked to the sex chromosomes?

Sex-linked recessive

What is the term for the process by which a new species forms?


What is the result of a cross between two individuals who are heterozygous for a particular autosomal recessive trait?

50% chance of expressing the recessive trait

Which type of evolution occurs when different species develop similar structures due to similar selective pressures?

Convergent evolution

What is the term used to describe the physical expression of a trait, such as blue eyes or red hair?


What is the term for the accumulation of genetic differences between two populations?

Genetic divergence

What is the term used to describe the genetic transmission of a trait that is determined by multiple genes?


What is the process by which genetic information is transcribed from DNA to RNA?


Which domain of life includes single-celled prokaryotes, including many extremophiles?

Domain Archaea

What is the term for the reduction of a population size due to a random event, leading to a loss of genetic variation?


Which type of evolution occurs when different species evolve from a common ancestor, but in different directions?

Divergent evolution

What is the characteristic of a sex-linked trait in a pedigree?

Males are affected disproportionately

What is the result of codominance in a heterozygote?

Both alleles are expressed equally

During DNA transcription, what is the main enzyme involved?

RNA polymerase

Polygenic traits are characterized by?

Multiple genes determining a single phenotype

What is the difference between autosomal and sex-linked traits?

Autosomal traits are located on chromosomes 1-22, while sex-linked traits are on the X chromosome

What is the overall purpose of the process DNA >> RNA >> protein >> trait?

To make a protein that determines the phenotype

Test your understanding of autosomal and sex-linked traits, codominance and incomplete dominance, polygenic traits, and how to analyze pedigrees to determine the inheritance pattern of a trait. Identify the characteristics of each type of trait and how they are expressed in individuals. Learn how to interpret pedigree charts to understand the inheritance of a trait.

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