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Who is credited as the first scientist to study genetics scientifically?

Gregor Mendel

What did Gregor Mendel study in the context of genetics?

Trait inheritance

Which field has expanded to study the function and behavior of genes?

Molecular genetics

What term is used to refer to the influence of genetic processes working in combination with an organism's environment and experiences to influence development and behavior?

Nature versus nurture

In which domains of life do organisms studied within the broad field of genetics span?

Archaea, bacteria, and eukarya

What term is used to describe the communication of the meaning of a source-language text into an equivalent target-language text?


Which language activity involves oral or signed communication between users of different languages?


What risk do translators often face when translating from a source language to a target language?

Introducing source-language words

What has the rise of the Internet fostered in relation to translation services?

Automation of translation

From which language does the English word 'translation' derive?


What does the term 'translation' specifically refer to in the context of the English language?

Transferring written texts from one language to another

When does translation, as per the terminological distinction in English, begin within a language community?

After the appearance of writing within a language community

What risk do translators often face when translating from a source language to a target language?

Introducing source-language elements into the target-language rendering

What is the etymological origin of the English word 'translation'?

From the Latin word 'translatio'

What effort has been made since the 1940s in relation to the translation process?

Efforts to automate translation or mechanically aid human translators

Test your knowledge about genetics, genetic variation, and the work of Gregor Mendel in the field of genetics. Learn about trait inheritance and how traits are passed down from parents to offspring. This quiz offers a great way to understand the fundamentals of genetics.

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