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What is another name for the Gaussian distribution?

Normal distribution

How is the Gaussian distribution characterized?

By its mean and standard deviation

What does the Central Limit Theorem (CLT) describe?

The aggregation of numerous measurable quantities

According to the Central Limit Theorem, what happens to the distribution of random values as the number of values in a sum rises?

It moves toward a Gaussian

What does the Gaussian distribution describe?

The distribution of heights or IQ scores of people

Study Notes

Gaussian Distribution

  • The Gaussian distribution is also known as the Normal Distribution or Bell Curve.
  • It is characterized by a symmetrical, bell-shaped curve with a single peak at the mean, and tapering gradually to infinity in both directions.

Central Limit Theorem (CLT)

  • The Central Limit Theorem describes how the distribution of random values will approach a Gaussian distribution as the number of values in a sum increases.
  • As the number of values in a sum rises, the distribution of the sum will tend towards a Gaussian distribution, even if the individual values are not normally distributed.

Gaussian Distribution Applications

  • The Gaussian distribution describes the distribution of continuous variables that are influenced by a large number of small, random factors, such as human heights, IQ scores, or errors in measurement.

Test your knowledge about Gaussian distribution, also known as the normal distribution, a continuous probability distribution widely used in statistical modeling. Learn about its characteristics, applications, and real-world occurrences that can be adequately modeled by it.

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