Fundamentals of Nursing (9th Edition by Taylor) - Health Promotion and Illness Prevention Models Quiz

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Which model of health promotion and illness prevention focuses on how people interact with their environment as they pursue health?

The health promotion model

Which resource has been most instrumental in improving access to care for people living in rural or underserved areas?

Telehealth practice

What is the main focus of nursing theories?


Why are developmental theories important to nursing practice?

They define human adaptation to others and to the environment.

In nursing theory, what does breaking the healthcare community into separate entities and analyzing how they work together represent?

General systems theory

What is the purpose of studying nursing theory according to the student in the passage?

I think it explains how we should collaborate with others.

Which concept is NOT common in all nursing theories?


Which characteristic is NOT associated with nursing theories?

Predicting lottery numbers accurately

During the orientation phase of the helping relationship, what action by the nurse is most likely to facilitate trust and rapport?

Introducing himself or herself to the patient by name

Which nursing role is predominantly carried out during the working phase of the helping relationship?

Provider of care

When discharging a patient, which action would a nurse typically perform in the termination phase of the helping relationship?

Examining goals of relationship for achievement

What term describes a nurse who is both sensitive to patients' feelings and remains objective to facilitate positive outcomes?


In the nurse-patient relationship, what is the primary focus of communication?

Patient and patient needs

Which action by a nurse is crucial for establishing trust and collaboration in the orientation phase of the helping relationship?

Explaining the role of each healthcare team member

What is the goal of teaching a patient newly diagnosed with diabetes about his disease process, diet, exercise, and medications?

to help the patient develop self-care abilities

When a nurse conducts educational sessions on weight loss in a neighborhood clinic, which aim of nursing is being met?

preventing illness

By referring a patient with a new colostomy to a support group, the nurse is practicing which aim of nursing?

facilitating coping

Which of the following is an essential component of the definition of learning?

can be measured

What is important to remember when teaching adult learners in a nursing class?

Adult learners possess a wealth of experience that can enhance learning.

What type of insurance is most likely involved if a person needs to check an approved list of contracted healthcare providers?

Preferred provider organization

What is the primary focus of healthcare today?

Health promotion

How have cost-containment issues affected the delivery of healthcare in the U.S.?

Short- and long-term results of cost-containment measures are undetermined.

Why was the patient with breast cancer referred to an oncologist for treatment?

To receive chemotherapy

Which type of insurance typically covers long-term care needs for individuals?

Long-term care insurance

What has historically been the focus of healthcare delivery before recent trends emphasizing preventive care?

Acute illness management

Test your knowledge of health promotion and illness prevention models from the Fundamentals of Nursing (9th Edition by Taylor). Questions cover topics such as the health promotion model, health belief model, health-illness continuum, and the agent-host-environment model.

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