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Who is credited with the earliest recorded investigation of atoms?


According to John Dalton, how are elements composed?

Of identical atoms that react the same way chemically

What did the Greeks use the term 'atom' to describe?

The smallest unit of matter

What did J.J Thomson conclude while investigating the physical properties of cathode rays?

Electrons were integral parts of all atoms

How did the Greeks describe the term 'atom'?

Meaning 'indivisible'

Study Notes

Early Investigations of Atoms

  • Democritus is credited with the earliest recorded investigation of atoms.

Atomic Composition

  • According to John Dalton, elements are composed of small, indivisible particles called atoms.

Origins of the Term 'Atom'

  • The Greeks used the term 'atom' to describe indivisible particles that cannot be further divided.
  • The Greeks described the term 'atom' as something that cannot be cut or divided.

Cathode Rays Investigation

  • J.J. Thomson concluded that cathode rays consist of tiny, negatively charged particles, now known as electrons.

Test your knowledge of matter and its fundamental characteristics with this engaging quiz. Explore the concept of mass, the composition of matter, and the role of atoms in creating the material substance of physical objects. See how well you understand the building blocks of the universe!

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