French Contemporary History (19th-21st Century)

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What are some events that some people believe mark the beginning of contemporary history?

French Revolution in 1789, Vienna congress in 1814, second Industrial Revolution, birth of mass society in the 20th century

How did Eric Hobsbawm describe the connection between the events of the 19th century in France?

He coined it as a dual revolution, where all events are connected.

What did France contribute in the 19th century in terms of new political ideas?

France gave the majority of the new political ideas.

What is the significance of the phrase 'There’s no right or wrong' in relation to the events of contemporary history?

It emphasizes that every event is connected together, and there is no universally agreed upon starting point for contemporary history.

What event marked the end of the last monarchical period in the 19th century?

The overthrow of Charles X in July 1830

What was the aim of the Congress of Vienna?

To remove the revolutionary experience and recreate a conservative system

Who was appointed as the new king after the overthrow of Charles X?

Louis Philippe of Orleans

What were the national workshops created for?

To help the unemployed by providing jobs

What was the significant novelty in the initial form of labor legislation during the Second Republic?

The right to work

What led to the bloody repression of the protesters in June 1848?

The army didn't help the protesters

What marked the beginning of the Revolutionary Wave in 1848?

The ban on banquets by Prime Minister Guizot

What marked the first elections with universal male suffrage in April 1848?

The election of the new republic

Who were excluded from the government after the first election of the new republic?

Blanc and Albert the Worker

What did the Parisians want after the election in April 1848?

They wanted a socialist government

What characterized the leaders of the provisional government during the Second Republic?

They were rich people with 2 individuals linked to socialism

What was the response of the people of Paris to the exclusion of Blanc and Albert the Worker from the government?

They were ready for another revolution

Test your knowledge of the events and transformations in France from the second half of the 19th century to the early 21st century. Explore the significant phenomena and societal changes that have shaped France's contemporary history.

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