Freedom of the Human Person: Intrinsic Property and Choices

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What is the significance of freedom in the human person according to the text?

It is an intrinsic and essential property of the person

How is freedom defined in the context of the text?

The ability to make choices and perform actions

What is the impact of good acts on a person?

They make a person better

How does the text describe the relationship between freedom and control?

Exercising control leads to greater freedom

What is the role of self-determination in relation to freedom according to the text?

It is rooted in the human person's self-determination

How are human choices and actions distinguished according to the text?

They set humans apart from other things

Which type of freedom is innate and inherent to all persons?

Psychological freedom

What does moral freedom emphasize about the use of freedom?

It must be used in a way that allows a person to grow morally

Which type of freedom refers to the ability of a person to act out of his or her own free will and self-determination?


What does psychological freedom allow a person to do?

Perform actions based on their own considerations of what is right and wise

How does moral freedom contribute to personal and collective well-being?

By making choices aligned with principles of goodness and human flourishing

Which type of freedom refers to the absence of any physical restraint?

Physical freedom

What is the nature of psychological freedom?

It is innate, inherent to all persons, and cannot be denied

What does moral freedom involve?

Making choices that contribute positively to personal and collective well-being

What is the example of moral freedom mentioned in the text?

Choosing a career path, pursuing hobbies, or expressing emotions such as love, hate, contentment, despair, pride, sorrow, or anger

What is the emphasis of moral freedom regarding human dignity?

It should be employed in a way that allows a person to grow morally and uphold human dignity

Explore the concept of freedom as an intrinsic and essential property of the human person, allowing individuals to make choices and take actions. Understand how freedom distinguishes humans from other beings and its significance in shaping individual identity.

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