Forrest Gump Movie Trivia
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Forrest Gump Movie Trivia

Test your knowledge of the iconic film Forrest Gump with this quiz. From filming locations to visual effects and soundtrack, see how much you remember about this beloved movie.

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Who received critical acclaim for their performance in Forrest Gump?

Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise

In which country was Forrest Gump released on July 6, 1994?

United States

How much did Forrest Gump earn worldwide during its theatrical run?

Over US$678.2 million

How many Academy Awards did Forrest Gump win?

<p>Six</p> Signup and view all the answers

Why was Forrest Gump selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry?

<p>Culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant</p> Signup and view all the answers

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