Formula Bharat 2025 Rules and Safety

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When is the Tractive System Active Light (TSAL) required to be visible?

When the engine is started

What is the maximum length of the video submission?

60 seconds

What happens if a team receives a “fail” for its video prior to the VSV deadline?

The video will be treated as not submitted

What is the consequence of uploading a VSV with a previous year vehicle?

The team will be disqualified from the competition

Why do team members need to have Student Membership level?

To receive participation certificates

What is the purpose of the Team Member Information (TMI) submission?

To provide team member details

When can a new video submission be made if a team receives a “fail” for its video prior to the VSV deadline?

Immediately after receiving the fail notification

What is the review process for video submissions?

Reviewed in the order of submission

How long does a review of a video submission take?

Up to two weeks

What is the file format requirement for video submissions?

Common file formats such as avi, mpg, mp4, wmv

Study Notes

Safety Guidelines

  • Drivers must wear full protection gear according to T13.3.
  • Chassis and mounted impact attenuator must be rules compliant.
  • No other passenger cars, trucks, etc. are allowed on the same premise at the same time, unless areas are clearly separated.
  • No running under low visibility conditions or at speeds above typical event speeds.
  • No running in areas where crashing into obstacles at the height of the driver's head is possible.

Onsite Working Safety

  • Everyone in the dynamic area and working on the vehicle must wear appropriate, closed-toed shoes.
  • Eye protection is required for metal cutting equipment operators and team members assisting.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Specific Safety

  • The detachable handle or key of the Tractive System Master Switch (TSMS) must be completely removed and kept by an ESO.
  • The lockout/tagout function of the TSMS must be used.
  • Vehicles must be pushed at a normal walking pace using a "pushbar" with a team member in the cockpit wearing required driver equipment.
  • The team member in the cockpit must have full control of steering and braking.
  • Engine/tractive system must remain switched off when the pushbar is attached to the vehicle.

Conventional Vehicle (CV) Specific Safety

  • Engine running is allowed in the engine test area and dynamic area under specific conditions.
  • The vehicle must have passed mechanical inspection, be jacked up using a quick jack, and have a driver wearing required driver equipment in the cockpit.
  • A fire extinguisher must be immediately available, and no one is allowed under the vehicle while the engine is running.

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Video submission must not exceed 60 seconds in length and must be in a common file format.
  • The video must show the Tractive System Active Light (TSAL), Autonomous System Status Indicator (ASSI), and brake light clearly, and the Ready-to-drive (R2D) sound must be audible.
  • File size may be limited, and the video will be reviewed in order of submission, which may take up to two weeks.

Team Member Information

  • All team members who plan on attending the competition on-site or who would like to receive participation certificates must have a Student Membership level for the competition season, procured via the Membership by Formula Bharat (MFB) platform.
  • All team members must provide details towards the Team Member Information (TMI) submission available on the competition website by the specified deadline.

Test your knowledge of the Formula Bharat 2025 rules and safety regulations, including protection gear, chassis, and impact attenuators. Ensure you're aware of the rules and guidelines for a safe racing experience.

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