Forces and Couples in Machines

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What is a force?

A push or pull on an object

What is a couple in the context of machines?

A pair of forces that cancel each other out

In the context of machines, what do they do?

Change the magnitude or direction of a force

What is the main goal of physics?

To understand how the universe behaves

What is a scientist who specializes in the field of physics called?


During which century did the natural sciences emerge as unique research endeavors in their own right?

17th century

What are some of the interdisciplinary areas of research that physics intersects with?

Biophysics and quantum chemistry

Which academic discipline is considered one of the oldest, possibly the oldest, due to its inclusion of astronomy?


Test your knowledge of forces and couples in the context of machines with this quiz. Explore the definitions of force and couple and understand their role in the operation of machines.

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