Food Utilization in the Body

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The process of digestion releases many nutrients in forms the body can use by breaking up food in the intestinal tract. (True/False)


Enzymes are living catalysts that increase the speed of biological reactions without being a part of the compound formed. (True/False)


Each enzyme acts optimally at a certain pH, for example, amylase acts only in acidic medium. (True/False)


Carbohydrate digestion occurs mainly in the stomach. (True/False)


Enzymes are proteins by nature and are specific in their actions. (True/False)


Chewing of food is a mechanical process involved in digestion.


Absorption is the process by which nutrients are carried into the circulation system and delivered to the cells?


The utilization of nutrients in the body primarily occurs in the stomach.


Swallowing of food is a mechanical process involved in digestion.


The primary function of the intestinal tract is to absorb and deliver nutrients to the cells.


Which process involves the breaking up of food in the intestinal tract?


What is the primary function of the intestinal tract?

Absorption and delivery of nutrients to cells

Which enzyme acts optimally in an acidic medium?


What is the main function of the cell in relation to nutrients absorbed?

To produce materials needed for existence

In which organ does the mixing of food with enzymes and acid occur through churning action?


Where does salivary amylase start the digestion of starch?

In the mouth at neutral or alkaline pH

What is the primary role of enzymes in the digestion process?

To increase the speed of chemical reactions

Where does carbohydrate digestion occur almost completely?

In the small intestine

What is the role of coenzymes in enzyme reactions?

To aid the function of enzymes

How do enzymes act optimally in a reaction?

At a certain pH

Test your knowledge of the processes involved in the use of food in the body, including digestion, absorption, and utilization of nutrients by cells. Explore how nutrients are released, transported, and utilized within the body.

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