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Which item is typically associated with a high protein content?


Which item is commonly consumed as a snack food?


Which item is typically measured in grams or kilos?


Which food item is commonly used as a base for many soups?


Which item is typically packaged in a bottle or a can?

Fruit juice

Which item is commonly measured in liters?


Study Notes

Food Items and Their Characteristics

  • High protein content is typically associated with nuts.
  • Many people consume nuts as a snack food.
  • Nuts are typically measured in grams or kilos.
  • Vegetables are commonly used as a base for many soups.
  • Sauces and condiments are typically packaged in a bottle or a can.
  • Beverages are commonly measured in liters.

Test your knowledge of food and beverage items by sorting them into their respective categories. Identify whether each item belongs to the category of chips, fish, fruit juice, meat, milk, rice, soup, vegetables, or various packaging types such as bags, bottles, boxes, cans, and cups.

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