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Food and Beverage Services NCII: Serving Food Orders

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When serving a beverage, how full should the glass be filled?

2/3 full

What should you do if you need to reach across a guest?

Apologize and reach across

Where should you stand when serving a guest?

To the left of the guest

What should you do with a dropped item, such as a napkin or silverware?

Replace it with a fresh one

When clearing the table, what should you remove first?

All the flatware and chinaware

In formal dining, what is the correct direction to present food to the guests?

From the guest's right side

Why should you cover ashtrays when removing them?

To prevent ashes from spilling

When serving food to a group of guests, what is the correct order of service?

Serve the eldest lady guest first, followed by the men guests

When clearing the table, what is the correct procedure to follow?

Clear the table only after the guests have finished their meal

When serving food, what is the correct technique to use to avoid disturbing other guests?

Move as near as possible to the plate and serve

What should you do if you accidentally drop an item on the table, such as silverware or a napkin?

Replace the item with a fresh one, and then put it back on the table

What is the primary focus of serving food and beverages in a formal dining setting?

To maintain a sense of elegance and respect

When presenting a menu to guests, what should you do to ensure prompt service?

Request guests to order immediately

When taking orders from guests, what should you do to ensure accuracy?

Repeat the orders back to the guests

In a formal dining setting, what is the correct protocol for taking orders from guests?

Start with the ladies at the table

After all guests have given their orders, what should you do?

Ask if they would like to order more

What is the purpose of jotting down all the orders and details on an order pad?

To ensure you remember the orders correctly

What is the primary goal of clearing soiled dishes from the table?

To make room for the next course

Study Notes

Serving Food Orders

  • Serve food orders and clear tables with minimal disturbance to other guests, following hygienic requirements.
  • Mention the name of the dish or order upon serving guests.

Order of Serving Foods

  • Serve the eldest lady guest of the group first, unless the lady herself is a host.
  • After all ladies are served, serve the men guests starting from the oldest.

Serving and Clearing Tables

  • Clear the table first when guests finish their main course.
  • Clear the table for the second time just before guests leave the table.

Serving Etiquette

  • Present food from the guest's right side in formal dining.
  • Serve and pour all beverages from the right.
  • Fill glasses 2/3 full on the table.
  • Never fill the glass to full.
  • Never reach across the guest; if necessary, apologize.
  • Stand to the left of the guest being served.

Maintaining Cleanliness

  • Remove soiled dishes promptly.
  • Always have a clean napkin or clean dish towel draped over your left arm for emergencies.
  • Never put back on the table dropped items like silverware, napkins, etc. Replace them with fresh ones.
  • Clean ashtrays continuously and cover them when removing.

Additional Tips

  • Use a tray when bringing food or beverages to the table or taking dishes and utensils to the kitchen or stewarding area.
  • Be alert to the needs of guests, keeping their water glass full.

Learn about the process of serving food orders and clearing tables with minimal disturbance to other guests while maintaining hygienic requirements. This module is designed for Senior High School students in the Food and Beverage Services NCII program.

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