Flutter Development History

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When was the first version of Flutter, known as 'Sky', unveiled?

2015 Dart developer summit

What was the main intent behind the development of Flutter?

To render consistently at 120 frames per second

When was Flutter 1.0 released?

December 4, 2018

What improvement did the release of Dart SDK version 2.8 and Flutter 1.17.0 bring for iOS devices?

Approximately 50% improved performance with Metal API

What major update did Google release on March 3, 2021?

Official support for web-based applications

What is the purpose of the Center widget in Flutter?

To center a widget vertically and horizontally in the available space

What does the Expanded widget do in Flutter?

It expands a child of a Row, Column, or Flex to fill the available space

What is the main purpose of the MaterialApp widget in Flutter?

To be the only widget on a page and provide wrapper for Scaffold

What does the Scaffold class in Flutter provide?

APIs like Drawer, Snack-Bar, Bottom-Navigation-Bar, Floating-Action-Button, App-Bar, etc.

What does the use of WidthFactor and HeightFactor null values do in the Center widget in Flutter?

Causes the Center widget to take the size of its child widget

Study Notes

Flutter History

  • The first version of Flutter, known as 'Sky', was unveiled in 2015.
  • Flutter was developed to provide a fast development framework that allows for the creation of natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

Flutter Releases

  • Flutter 1.0 was released in 2018.
  • The release of Dart SDK version 2.8 and Flutter 1.17.0 brought improved performance and better iOS device support, including a faster keyboard and a new default 64-bit architecture.

Major Updates

  • On March 3, 2021, Google released a major update to Flutter, which included new features and improvements.

Flutter Widgets

Center Widget

  • The Center widget is used to center its child both horizontally and vertically.

Expanded Widget

  • The Expanded widget is used to take up the available space in the parent widget, and size its child to fill the available space.

MaterialApp Widget

  • The main purpose of the MaterialApp widget is to provide a set of Material Design visual, layout, and interactive widgets.

Scaffold Class

  • The Scaffold class provides a basic Material Design layout structure, including an appBar, a body, and a bottomNavigationBar.

Center Widget Configuration

  • Setting WidthFactor and HeightFactor null values in the Center widget allows the widget to take up the available space in the parent widget and center its child accordingly.

Test your knowledge about the history and development of Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit created by Google for building cross-platform applications. Learn about Flutter's evolution from its initial release in 2017 to its current capabilities.

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