Flash Fiction: What Is It?

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What is flash fiction typically defined as?

A very short story with no set word count

What is a key characteristic that sets flash fiction apart from prose poems and vignettes?

A complete plot with a beginning, middle, and end

What is a common element of great flash fiction?

Surprise, often in the form of a twist ending

What is one way to learn how to write flash fiction?

Writing multiple flash pieces to get the hang of it

What is a typical word count range for flash fiction stories?

Six words to 1,000 words

What is a key feature of flash fiction stories?

Brevity, compressing a story into few paragraphs

What is the primary goal of writing flash fiction?

To prompt the reader to think deeply about the story's meaning

What is a necessary element of a flash fiction story?

A beginning, middle, and end

Why is it recommended to keep the character count low in flash fiction?

Because there is limited space to describe characters

What is the purpose of a hook in a flash fiction story?

To start the story with a compelling scene

What is a characteristic of a successful flash fiction ending?

It is a twist that the reader didn't see coming

Why is it essential to have a clear ending in a flash fiction story?

To provide a sense of closure

Test your knowledge of flash fiction, a genre of extremely short stories with no set word count. Learn about its characteristics and alternative names. Can you define flash fiction?

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