Flame Spray Pyrolysis

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What is the main purpose of the precursor spray in the described process?

To form metal vapors

Which technological requirement is essential for the described process?

Self-sustaining flame

What happens inside the flame during the process of precursor injection and spraying?

Nucleation of metal atoms

What are the sequential steps involved in the fabrication of nanoparticles using this process?

Evaporation, condensation, nucleation, growth

What is the final product collected after the described process?

Complex and functional NPs

What is the primary form of the precursor in this combustion process?


What is the main purpose of injecting the liquid precursor through a capillary and spraying it into a flame?

To aggregate metal atoms into nanoparticles

What is the essential requirement for the combustion process described?

High temperature flames and large temperature gradients

Which sequential step is NOT involved in the fabrication of nanoparticles using this process?

Reduction by electrolysis

What is the collected product after the combustion process described?


Test your knowledge about Flame Spray Pyrolysis, a one-step combustion process for nanoparticle synthesis using liquid precursors and a flame. Learn about the process and applications of this nanoparticle synthesis method.

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