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Who made long flights with a glider?

Otto Lilienthal

What are two ways that Samuel Langley tried to power a flying machine?

rubber bands, small steam engine

Who wanted to build flying machines and studied birds to learn how to control them?

Orville and Wilbur Wright

In which year did Otto Lilienthal's glider crash?


What was the biggest problem Orville and Wilbur Wright thought needed solving?

how to steer and control a flying machine in the air

What did Samuel Langley use to power a flying machine?

rubber bands, small steam engine

Who succeeded in gliding greater distances than anyone else?

Otto Lilienthal

What did Orville and Wilbur Wright study to learn about controlling flying machines?


In which century did people think that flying would never be possible?


What happened to Otto Lilienthal in 1896?

his glider crashed

Test your knowledge about the history of flight with this quiz on the first airplane flight, covering the events leading up to the historic day of 21 September. From early experiments to the breakthrough moment, this quiz will challenge your understanding of aviation history.

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