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What is a workplace emergency?

An unanticipated event that endangers employees, clients, or the general public

Why is preparedness for medical cases and threats important?

To protect personnel and ensure patient safety

What is a consequence of a workplace emergency?

Business activities are shut down or interfered with

What is an example of a workplace emergency?

A fire

What is a benefit of being prepared for medical cases and threats?

Ensuring employees have the knowledge and tools to defend themselves

What is a proactive step in creating a safe atmosphere in a workplace?

Providing staff training in dispute resolution

What is the main topic of the submitted report?

Medical Cases and Threats of Violence

What is the primary aim of immediate response to medical emergencies?

To minimize the risk of further harm to the victim

What is one of the work-related factors that increase the risk of violence?

Unstable or stressful working conditions

What should be initiated in response to a threat of violence?

Lockdown procedures

What is the purpose of designated communication channels for reporting?

To report threats of violence

What is the policy regarding workplace violence?

Zero-tolerance policy

What is the primary objective of prioritizing timely medical attention in emergency situations?

To increase the chances of survival and prevent further injury

Which of the following is a reason people avoid learning first aid?

All of the above

What is a benefit of receiving basic life support while waiting for an ambulance?

Doubled chances of survival

What is a consequence of delayed medical attention in emergency situations?

Increased risk of fatalities

Which organization provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the Philippines?

Philippine Red Cross and Lifeline Ambulance and Paramedic Services

What is a benefit of having first aid knowledge?

Relief from pain

What is the primary concern of emergency medical services in the Philippines?

Providing medical assistance in emergency situations

Which of the following is a guide for planning workplace emergencies and evacuations?

OSHA's How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations

What is a common issue in the workplace that may require emergency medical services?

Employee health issues

What is an essential step in responding to a security incident?

Implementing immediate response protocols

Which organization provides guidelines for workplace safety and health?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

What can help reduce pain before medical emergency services arrive?

Applying an ice pack or giving a brief rub

What does significant first aid training instill in an individual?

Confidence in assisting others

What is the primary goal of first aid training in various settings?

To enhance safety awareness and corrective actions

What is the benefit of having basic knowledge in handling critical situations?

It prevents the situation from becoming worse

What is the outcome of proper training in first aid and health and safety knowledge?

Living without fear, danger, or injury

What should you do when you need CPR or other first assistance?

Notify the nurses and first responders

Study Notes

Workplace Emergencies

  • A workplace emergency is an unanticipated event that endangers employees, clients, or the general public, interferes with or shuts down business activities, or contaminates the environment or physical space.
  • Examples of workplace emergencies include floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, toxic gas releases, chemical spills, radiological accidents, explosions, and civil disturbances.

Importance of Preparedness for Medical Cases and Threats

  • Preparedness for medical cases and threats of violence is crucial for protecting personnel, ensuring patient safety, and facilitating an effective response.

Medical Cases of Emergencies

  • Medical cases of emergencies refer to unexpected events that require immediate medical attention, such as injuries or illnesses.
  • Types of medical cases in the workplace include accidents, illnesses, and other health-related incidents.
  • Immediate response to medical emergencies involves applying simple measures like first aid, calling for external assistance, and following up with necessary actions.

Threats of Violence

  • Workplace violence can be delivered by various means, including verbal or physical threats, harassment, intimidation, and physical harm.
  • Some work-related factors that increase the risk of violence include job stress, conflicting values, and unemployment.
  • A zero-tolerance policy for violence is essential, and immediate response to threats involves notifying security personnel or law enforcement, initiating lockdown procedures, and reporting the threat to the emergency response team.

First Aid and Emergency Response

  • First aid creates confidence, increases safety, prevents situations from worsening, and improves the standard of living.
  • First aid knowledge is crucial in preventing accidents, injuries, and trauma.
  • Top reasons why first aid is important include saving lives, relieving pain, increasing safety, preventing worsening conditions, and improving the standard of living.

External Assistance and Emergency Resources

  • National Emergency Hotline in the Philippines: 911
  • Red Cross Emergency Response Unit Hotline: (02) 8790-2300 local 604
  • Lifeline Ambulance: 16-911
  • Emergency medical services (EMS) in the Philippines include ambulance transport, treatment, and rescue operations.

Test your knowledge on the basics of first aid, including simple measures to reduce pain and the importance of first aid training in building confidence in emergency situations.

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