Finite Mathematics: Sets, Relations, and Functions

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If n(A) = 2 and n(B) = 3, how many possible relations can be defined from set A to set B?


In the function f: A → B given by f = {(1, 4),(2, 8),(3, 9),(4, 10)}, which element in set A does not have a corresponding mapping in set B?


If the ordered pairs (a + 2, 4) and (5, 2a + b) are equal, what are the values of a and b respectively?

(2, 1)

If n(A) = 5 and there are 1024 relations from set A to set B, how many elements are there in set B?


If {(a, 8), (6, b)} represents an identity function, what are the values of a and b respectively?

(1, 6)

Test your knowledge on sets, relations, functions and cardinality in finite mathematics. Solve problems involving set cardinality, relations, functions, and ordered pairs.

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