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Name three hobbies or activities that the quiz suggests you should inquire about?

painting, hiking, fiction

What are the options provided for specific interests in the quiz?

Music, Movies, Food, Games, Travel, Other (Specify)

According to the quiz, what type of person enjoys adrenaline rushes and epic experiences like concerts, escape rooms, or exploring new places?


Does the quiz ask if the person needs anything practical or could benefit from a specific tool or gadget? (Yes/No)


How many short answer essay questions are requested based on the text above?


What type of questions does the quiz consist of? (Open-ended or multiple-choice)

mix of open-ended and multiple-choice

What are some examples of things you may have mentioned wanting lately in the survey?

A specific book, a new game, a cool tech upgrade, an unforgettable experience, other (specify)

Do you get swept up in the worlds of video games or board games?


What are the options given for the participant to choose from in the question related to genres or fandoms that hold a special place in their heart?

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Quirky & Unique

What kind of things make you raise an eyebrow and say 'That's awesome'?

The participant's specific interests or preferences

Do you have a favorite color or texture that brings you comfort or joy?


Is there a special toy, show, place, or childhood memory that holds a special place for you?


Are you more of an Optimist or a Realist?

Optimist, Realist

Do you prefer familiar ground and routines that make you feel safe and secure, or are you always up for trying new things and stepping outside your comfort zone?

Comfort Seeker, Explorer

Do you value functionality and gifts that serve a purpose, or do you cherish experiences and gifts that hold emotional meaning?

Practical, Sentimental

Do you thrive on spending time with others and being in the company of loved ones, or do you enjoy your own company and appreciate quiet time for reflection and recharge?

Social Butterfly, Solo Seeker

Study Notes

Quiz Overview

  • The quiz consists of open-ended questions and aims to understand the participant's interests and preferences

Interests and Hobbies

  • The quiz inquires about specific interests, such as: • Adrenaline rushes and epic experiences (e.g., concerts, escape rooms, exploring new places) • Video games or board games • Fandoms and genres that hold a special place in one's heart • Hobbies and activities that bring comfort and joy

Personality and Preferences

  • The quiz explores the participant's personality type, asking whether they are: • An Optimist or a Realist • A fan of familiar routines or someone who enjoys trying new things • A social person who thrives in the company of others or someone who values quiet time for reflection

Gift Preferences

  • The quiz asks about gift preferences, including: • Practical gifts with functional value • Gifts with emotional significance and sentimental meaning

Discover the ideal gift for your friend by taking this interactive quiz that combines open-ended and multiple-choice questions. Tailor the quiz based on your friend's personality and the level of detail you desire.

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