Financial Markets: The Bond Market

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What was the primary reason for Nike's rapid growth in the early years?

Outsourcing production to suppliers in low-cost regions

What was the outcome of the 1996 Life magazine story on Nike?

The company's reputation was severely damaged

What is the primary objective of sustainable finance in the bond market?

To align bond issuance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

What is the term for bonds that align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

ESG-linked bonds

Who is the author associated with the topic of Financial Markets and the Bond Market?

Eunyoung Cho

What was the impact of the 1996 Life magazine story on Nike's supply chain?

It prompted efforts to improve working conditions and transparency

What is a key challenge faced by companies that outsource production to low-cost regions?

Maintaining transparency and proper working conditions in the supply chain

What is the trend observed in the issuance of ESG-linked bonds?

A significant increase

What is a benefit of companies adopting sustainable finance practices?

Improved public perception and reputation

What is the primary goal of Environmental Management in the context of sustainable finance?

To reduce carbon intensity

Explore the fundamentals of bonds, their mechanics, and their role in finance. Learn about the types of bonds issued by governments, municipal authorities, and corporate institutions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the global bond market.

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