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What is the difference between “above the line” and “below the line” positions in a film crew?

Above the line includes creative positions like writers and actors, while below the line includes technical and production roles.

What are some of the responsibilities of the Unit Production Manager (UPM)?

Managing the budget, scheduling, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the production.

The ____________________ is usually where the crew eats lunch, where the bathrooms are, and where the department and actor trailers are.

Craft services area

The person responsible for the look of the film is the _____________________________ __________________, or DP, also called the __________________________.

Director of Photography, cinematographer

“G&E” refer to the ________________ department and ____________ department.

Grip and electric

Study Notes

Film Crew Positions

  • "Above the line" positions in a film crew refer to those involved in the creative decision-making process, such as writers, directors, and producers.
  • "Below the line" positions in a film crew refer to those involved in the technical and logistical aspects of filmmaking, such as camera and lighting operators.

Unit Production Manager (UPM)

  • The UPM is responsible for overseeing the logistics of the production, including budgeting, scheduling, and permits.

Base Camp

  • The base camp is the area where the crew eats lunch, finds bathrooms, and accesses department and actor trailers.


  • The Director of Photography (DP) is responsible for the visual look of the film, also referred to as the cinematographer.
  • The DP is responsible for camera and lighting setups.


  • "G&E" refers to the Grip and Electric departments, which are responsible for setting up and operating camera and lighting equipment.

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