Business Continuity Evolution and Relevance Quiz
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Business Continuity Evolution and Relevance Quiz

Test your knowledge about the evolving role and relevance of business continuity in today's challenging socio-economic and technological landscape. Explore familiar and new disruptive threats, as well as the increasing awareness of organizational resilience.

Questions and Answers

True or false: Organizations must be able to respond and adapt to changing economic and political situations.


True or false: Business continuity is becoming less relevant in today’s world.


True or false: Enhancing organizational resilience is a key factor in improving business continuity capabilities.


Study Notes

  • The business continuity profession continues to evolve as its value is recognized by a wider audience.
  • The world in 2018 continues to be challenged by socio-economic and geo-political change.
  • Organizations must respond and adapt to familiar challenges such as the increasing dominance of technology and the internet, as well as new disruptive threats arising from the globalisation of terrorism and the rapid increase in cyber threats.
  • In this demanding environment, the discipline of business continuity is increasingly relevant.
  • The increasing awareness of the importance of enhancing organizational resilience reinforces the value of building effective business continuity capabilities.

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