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What is the purpose of capacitation?

All of the above

What is the primary characteristic of capacitated sperm?

All of the above

What is the purpose of the hyperactivated motility pattern in capacitated sperm?

To help the sperm penetrate through the cumulus cell layer and zona pellucida

When does capacitation occur?

When the sperm enters the female genital tract

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of capacitated sperm?

Decreased motility

How do capacitated sperm interact with the cumulus cells surrounding the oocyte?

They easily pass between the cumulus cells due to their hyperactivated motility

Where does fertilization typically occur?

In the fallopian tube

What is the outcome of fertilization?

Formation of a new zygote

Why do variations occur among species during fertilization?

Due to natural selection

How many sperm are typically ejaculated, and how many reach the site of fertilization?

~300 million ejaculated, ~200 reach site

What is the viability period of a mature oocyte?

~12-24 hours

What is the role of acrosomal enzymes during fertilization?

Assisting sperm penetration through the zona pellucida

How do sperm receptors on the oocyte contribute to fertilization?

Aid in the interaction between sperm and oocyte

What is capacitation in the context of fertilization?

Changes in sperm enabling penetration through the zona pellucida

How long does capacitation of sperm typically last?

7 hours

Which enzyme is involved in enzymatically breaking down the zona pellucida during fertilization?


What is the first response of the oocyte when a sperm enters the zona pellucida?

Cortical reaction

What is released into the perivitelline space during the cortical reaction to prevent polyspermy?

Cortical granules

What is the function of the cortical granules during fertilization?

Create a barrier to sperm entry

What happens to the binding activity of ZP3 during the zona reaction?

It is lost

At what stage do oocytes experience an arrest in Meiosis I prophase?

Before ovulation

What happens to the secondary oocyte 2-3 hours before ovulation?

It expels the first polar body

What is the function of the zona pellucida?

All of the above

Which glycoprotein(s) of the zona pellucida are involved in the initial interaction with the sperm head?


What is the role of the acrosome in the sperm during fertilization?

It contains enzymes that help digest the zona pellucida

Which enzyme(s) released during the acrosome reaction help(s) the sperm bypass the zona pellucida barrier?

Both hyaluronidase and trypsin-like substances

What is the role of acrosine in the fertilization process?

It facilitates the fusion of the sperm and oocyte membranes

Which process occurs after the sperm passes through the zona pellucida?

The oolemma fuses with the sperm membrane

Test your knowledge on the process of fertilization, where the sperm and oocyte unite to form a new zygote. Learn about the production of a new organism, stabilization of chromosome number, and the role of natural selection in the process.

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