Feral Children

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Feral children lack which basic social skill that is normally learned in the process of enculturation?

Learning to use a toilet

What is a feral child's typical response to the human activity around them?

Complete lack of interest

How are feral children often portrayed in folklore and legends?

Having been raised by animals

What is the common term used to refer to children who have lived isolated from human contact from a very young age?

Feral child

What is the main reason feral children may seem mentally impaired?

Lack of human interaction and socialization

Study Notes

Feral Children

  • Feral children lack language, a basic social skill normally acquired through enculturation.
  • Typically, feral children respond to human activity around them with aggression, fear, or indifference.
  • In folklore and legends, feral children are often portrayed as being raised by animals, such as wolves, and possessing extraordinary or supernatural abilities.
  • Children who have lived isolated from human contact from a very young age are commonly referred to as "feral children" or "wild children".
  • Feral children may appear mentally impaired due to their lack of socialization and language skills, which can hinder their cognitive development.

Test your knowledge about feral children with this quiz. Explore the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals who have grown up isolated from human contact. Learn about their stories, the impact on their development, and the cultural fascination surrounding feral children.

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