Fall Protection in Industrial Safety and Health

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According to OSHA, when is fall protection required?

When exposed to a 4-foot fall or greater

What are the lesson objectives related to fall hazards?

Identifying types of fall hazards and methods to protect against them

What is second only to slips, trips, and falls in general industry accidents?

Motor vehicle crashes

Where did the fatal fall incident occur?


What is the source of the photos of common fall hazards?


What is the first line of defense in the hierarchy of fall hazard control?

Eliminate fall hazards

What is a very effective way to eliminate a fall hazard according to the text?

Hole covers/grates

What is the standard height from the upper surface of the top rail to floor level for guardrails?

$42" (+/− 3")$

What is the purpose of a toeboard according to the text?

To prevent tools from falling down

In what situation is a personal fall arrest system often used according to the text?

When section of guardrail or hole cover is temporarily removed

Which component is part of a Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) according to the text?

$Deceleration devices, lifelines, etc.$

What do positioning devices consist of according to the text?

$Body belt and connecting device$

What is necessary for safety net systems according to the text?

$Proper design, installation, and maintenance$

What must employers train employees on according to the text?

$Methods used to protect from fall hazards$

What does an employer need to inspect according to the text?

$Fall hazard controls used in the workplace$

What is required for Personal Fall Arrest Systems as per the text?

Rescue plan

Test your knowledge on fall protection in industrial safety and health with this quiz. Covering topics such as fatal falls, NIOSH reports, and slip hazards, this quiz is designed to assess your understanding of fall protection measures.

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