Factors Affecting Photosynthesis Investigation

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Which of the following is a factor that affects plant growth?

Light intensity

What can be deduced from analyzing the effect of light intensity on plant growth?

The relationship between light intensity and plant growth

Which element is involved in the redox reactions of photosynthesis?


What is the main function of NADH in photosynthesis?

To transport electrons

Where does the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) take place in photosynthesis?

Thylakoid membrane

In comparison with respiration, where does photosynthesis ETC take electrons from?

H20 and are received by NADH

What is the common process of Electron Transport Chain (ETC) in both photosynthesis and respiration?

H+ pumping

Where is H+ pumped to in photosynthesis during the light-dependent reactions?

Thylakoid space

What happens to carbon in photosynthesis?

Fixed to be assembled

Plan an investigation to study the factors that affect photosynthesis and its impact on plant growth. Assess your understanding of photosynthesis and its role in energy transfer through the food web of a community.

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