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Which of the following factors is NOT synthesized in the liver?

Factor XIII

What is the genetic disorder associated with a defect in platelet adhesion due to an autosomal recessive defect in platelet membrane glycoprotein (GP Ib)?

Bernard-Soulier Syndrome

What is the effect of aspirin on platelet function?

Inhibition of cyclooxygenase, leading to suppression of TXA2 synthesis

What is the characteristic feature of Thrombocytopenia?

Increased platelet utilization

Which of the following genetic disorders is associated with an autosomal recessive defect in platelet membrane glycoprotein (GP IIb & IIIa)?


What is the effect of Vitamin K Deficiency on coagulation?

Increased PT, normal aPTT

Which factor is primarily produced by hepatocytes and activated by thrombin?

Factor VIII

Which genetic disorder is caused by a deficiency in Factor VIII?

Hemophilia A

Which coagulation factor deficiency is most commonly associated with bleeding into joints and crippling arthropathy?

Factor VIII

Which of the following is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder related to coagulation factors?

Von Willebrand's Disease

Which factor is activated by tissue thromboplastin to accelerate the production of thrombin from prothrombin?

Factor III

Which of these factors play a role in the formation of a stable fibrin clot?

Factor XIII

Which factor is involved in the formation of the intrinsic tenase complex?

Factor VIII

Which factor is a large carrier protein that is governed by genes carried on the X chromosome?

Factor VIII

Which factor is associated with the presence of ultralarge von Willebrand Factor in TTP?


Which coagulation factor is associated with sex-linked inheritance and a high rate of spontaneous mutation?

Factor VIII

Which of the following coagulation factor deficiencies is most likely to present with easy bruisability instead of bleeding into joints?

Von Willebrand's Disease

Test your knowledge on the coagulation pathway involving Factor VIII, its activation by thrombin, and its interaction with VWF and platelets. Learn about the role of factor VIII in hemophilia A and its connection to VWF levels.

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