External Nose, Nasal Cavity & Paranasal Sinuses Anatomy

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What is the rounded prominence that forms the tip, or apex, of the nose called?

Dorsum nasi

Which part forms the upper part of the lateral wall of the external nose?

Nasal spine of the frontal bone

What are the external openings of the nasal cavities called?

External nares

What reinforces the anteroinferior part of the external nose?

Upper nasal cartilage

Where are the external openings of the nasal cavities located?

Inferior aspect of the nose

Study Notes

  • External nose: upper part formed by nasal spine of frontal bone, nasal bone, and frontal process of maxilla; lower part reinforced by upper and lower nasal cartilages and minor cartilages, with ala nasi having a fibro-fatty wall
  • Angle: upper end of the nose, continues with forehead
  • Dorsum nasi: ridge-like free border passing down from the angle, ends below in a rounded prominence (tip of the nose)
  • Alae nasi: lowest parts of lateral surfaces of the nose, rounded and mobile, form bridge of the nose with upper parts
  • External nares: openings of nasal cavities, located on inferior aspect, bounded laterally by alae nasi and medially by lowest part of nasal septum

Test your knowledge of the external nose, nasal cavity, and paranasal sinuses anatomy with this quiz. Learn about the different structures and features of the nose and its surrounding areas.

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