Exponent Laws for Multiplication

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What is the rule for multiplying terms with the same base?

Add their exponents

According to the text, what happens when the bases are the same in power raised to a power?

The exponents are added

What is emphasized as important in the text regarding exponents?

Simplifying them

What is the result when multiplying a power raised to a power according to the text?

The sum of the exponents

When multiplying terms with the same base, what is the rule according to the text?

Add their exponents

What happens when the bases are the same in power raised to a power, as per the text?

Add the exponents

What does the text emphasize as important regarding exponents?

Limitations of exponents

What is encouraged by the text in conclusion?

Simplifying expressions with exponents

Which of the following is a traditional Philippine instrument played by striking the split end of the bamboo against the left palm?


What kind of instrument is the Gitgit in the context of Philippine musical culture?

String instrument

How did the arrival of the Spanish influence the musical culture in the Philippines?

Led to a blend of traditional and Western musical elements

What is the primary role of the piano in Philippine music after its introduction by the Spanish?

Influenced both classical and pop music

How does understanding the history and characteristics of musical instruments provide valuable insights into different regions' musical traditions?

It broadens insight into diverse musical traditions

What role has the internet and new technologies played in the music industry?

Reviving interest in traditional music and instruments

What is the primary focus of Grade 7 Mapeh Q2 regarding the study of musical instruments?

Exploring various instruments and styles

What is the main impact of the diverse regions in the Philippines on its musical traditions?

Enriching the country's musical heritage

In what way has the digital age impacted the accessibility of music?

Making music more accessible than ever before

What can studying various musical instruments and styles provide students with, according to the text?

A deeper appreciation for music and its role in shaping cultural identities and traditions

Study Notes

  • The text discusses the loss of exponent in multiplication.
  • There are three laws of exponent for multiplication: the product with the same base, power raised to a power, and the product raised to a power.
  • The product with the same base rule states that when multiplying terms with the same base, add their exponents.
  • Power raised to a power rule suggests multiplying the exponents when the bases are the same.
  • The product raised to a power rule states that when multiplying a power raised to a power, the result is the product of the two powers raised to the sum of their exponents.
  • The text provides examples of the application of the three rules using different variables and coefficients.
  • The text also discusses the limitations of exponents and the importance of simplification.
  • The text concludes by encouraging the audience to learn more and offering additional resources.

Explore the laws of exponents for multiplication, including the product with the same base, power raised to a power, and product raised to a power rules. Learn through examples and understand the limitations and importance of simplification.

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