Exploring Utilitarianism and Ethical Theories

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According to utilitarianism, an action is considered good if it is directed towards what?


Which ethical theory argues for the goodness of pleasure and determines right behavior based on the usefulness of the actions' consequences?

Theory of Utilitarianism

When arguing that the drug war program of the present government is permissible because it results in better public safety, we are using which ethical approach?


Which ethical theory determines right behavior based on universal moral principles and duties?

Deontological Law

According to utilitarianism, what is considered good?


Quiz: Understanding Utilitarianism and Ethical Theories Test your knowledge on the Theory of Utilitarianism and other ethical theories in this quiz! Explore concepts like natural law, deontological law, virtue law, and the theory of justice. Gain insights into utilitarianism, an ethical theory that emphasizes the importance of pleasure and the consequences of actions in determining right behavior. Get ready to dive into the world of ethics and expand your understanding of utilitarianism!

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