Exploring Love and Mortality
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Exploring Love and Mortality

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Who is the speaker addressing in the poem?

The sun

What does the speaker mean by 'feign'd deaths'?

Temporary deaths

What does the speaker say about the sun's desire and sense?

The sun has no desire or sense

What does the speaker say about man's power?

<p>Man's power is feeble</p> Signup and view all the answers

What happens to the speaker's life's blood when the addressee weeps?

<p>It decays</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Speaker and Addressee

  • The speaker is addressing a person they care about, possibly a loved one.

Feign'd Deaths

  • The speaker refers to "feign'd deaths" as a metaphor for the emotional pain and desperation they experience when separated from the addressee.

The Sun's Desire and Sense

  • The speaker describes the sun as having a desire and sense, implying that even the sun is aware of the speaker's emotional state and longs for their reunion with the addressee.

Man's Power

  • The speaker asserts that man's power is limited, unlike the sun's ability to affect the speaker's emotions.

The Speaker's Life's Blood

  • When the addressee weeps, the speaker's "life's blood" (their vital energy or emotional well-being) is drained or affected.

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Test your knowledge of the poem "Sweetest love, I do not go" with this quiz. Engage with the themes of love, mortality, and the use of jest in the poem as you answer questions on its meaning and literary devices.

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