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Which term refers to the interaction, combination, and convergence of different media within a single artistic or cultural work?


What are aesthetic objects?

Understanding and interpretation of the external work of art

What is the term for a narrative being put in a media?


What does transmediation refer to?


What is performativity in the context of performances?

Communicative event of a performance

Which of the following refers to sound that comes from within the filmic world and which the characters themselves can also hear?

Diegetic sound

What is the term used to describe a technique used to insert sound as an action that has been choreographed into the film, often used in cartoons?

Mickey Mousing

Which term refers to the study of the relationship between sound and the environment, and explores how our ability to impact our sonic environment influences the surrounding soundscape and our power within society?

Acoustic ecology

What is the term used to describe the combination of all the acoustic resources within a given area as modified by the environment?


Which term refers to the process of personalizing one's aesthetic experiences and preferences, facilitated by digital platforms and technologically mediated modes of sociality?

Aesthetic individualization

Which of the following best describes the concept of stars as brands?

Stars as personal brands strategically navigate between their on-screen appearances and off-screen presence to achieve maximum publicity and recognition.

What does the term 'textual poaching' refer to?

The practice of fans appropriating and reinterpreting existing texts.

What is the difference between RW culture and RO culture?

RW culture allows individuals to create and contribute their own content, while RO culture has a clear distinction between creators and the audience.

What does the erosion of the artist/participant binary suggest?

Both aesthetic production and consumption are fragmenting, allowing for new roles and behaviors to emerge and for greater communication and collaboration between artists and participants.

What is the role of a prosumer?

A prosumer is a hybrid role that combines the characteristics of a consumer and a producer, who actively engages in the creation and consumption of artistic content.

Test your understanding of the meanings and concepts behind artworks and art events with this quiz. Explore how artists and audiences co-produce the meaning of artworks through interaction and interpretation. Discover the temporary nature of art events and their ability to blur mediums and involve audience participation. Learn about the external work in relation to the composition of artworks.

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