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Who is the Indian philosopher who postulated the idea of smallest particles called Parmanu?

Maharishi Kanad

What did Pakudha Katyayama elaborate on regarding the smallest particles?

Their existence in a combined form

What is the meaning of the word 'atoms'?


What is the common concept between the Indian and Greek philosophers regarding matter?

The idea of the smallest particles beyond which further division is not possible

Which ancient Greek philosophers suggested the existence of indivisible particles called atoms?

Democritus and Leucippus

Which scientific discipline does chemistry provide a foundation for understanding?


What does chemistry study in relation to matter?

Properties and behavior

Which science does chemistry occupy an intermediate position between?

Physics and biology

What does chemistry explain in the field of pharmacology?

How medications work

What is chemistry sometimes called?

The central science

Test your knowledge on ancient Indian and Greek philosophy with this quiz on atoms. Learn about the early ideas on the divisibility of matter and the contributions of philosopher Maharishi Kanad. Discover the fascinating history of atoms and their significance in the world of science.

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